Thursday 16. 2.
Un Loup pour l'Homme – CUIR /FR
20:00, Theatre Ponec
temporarily not available


Cuir is a duet on the notions of traction and attraction. In a powerful body-to-body confrontation, two harnessed men play at manipulating each other’s bodies. The cautious pleasure they take in transforming each other into an instrument, an apparatus, a playground or a battlefield engages them in a struggle with mutual consent. Between traction and attraction, they do not aim for power over the other, but rather power with the other.

With the help of equestrian harnesses, archaic tools that both amplify and reveal the potential of human traction, the physical language unfolds in a powerful and erotic choreographic work around the notions of traction and attraction. Arno Ferrera and Gilles Polet capture the complex beauty of consent with subtlety, strength but also gentleness.