Thursday 19. 12.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Pre-Christmas evening with members of the Ty Nikdy label. MC Gey and Idea will come to Palác Akropolis to celebrate.

MC Gey

A man with a strange name and even stranger lyrics, who defies all ideas of how a rapper should behave, look and speak. Jakub Rafael aka MC Gey is an original. He won the Anděl music award this year for his current album O tatínkovi, který usnul (About Daddy Who Fell Asleep). His personal lyrics about fatherhood, family and rap roots are backed by the surprising sound of analog and digital synths. December's show at Akropolis Palace will be special in that Gey will be accompanied on stage by a special live band full of synths and other instruments. Everything will be good and everything will be bad.


Founder of the Ty Nikdy label and an unmissable personality of Czech rap. Already at the beginning of the millennium Josef Změlík aka Idea collaborated with people like Indy & Wich to soon introduce the IdeaFatte project with DJ Fatt. With his label, he won an Anděl for their collaborative album Akta X and won over critics with his solo album Tempo, for example, on which he gave space to innovative producers like FVLCRVM. Five days before Christmas, Idea will present his current DJ set, which fuses rap with experimental electronica, grime and other udebic nooks and crannies. Turn up the volume so you can hear it from outside the flat!

Vojtěch Tkáč, music publicist and Radio 1 moderator, is behind the dramaturgy of the PULZ series at Palác Akropolis. The evening will be in collaboration with Akropolis Underground, where the afterparty will take place.