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Haibo Illés (1998) and Richárd Melykó (1994) are an interdisciplinary duo based in Budapest. Their process-based work is mainly defined by their conceptual performances, which explore cultural and social issues from a specific perspective. More recently, they have been highlighting the effects of neoliberalism in their performances. Their works have been shown in Bratislava, Copenhagen, Dresden and Prague in addition to Budapest.

Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó: RAW

‘Dear Spectators, before you trust in something, it will collapse.’

The RAW explores the impact of earthquakes on theaters from a theoretical perspective, by abstracting various real interview fragments. A work about earthquakes in a cultural-political context is situated between performative use of space and documentary theatre.

In this performance Illés Haibo and Richárd Melykó, as a damage assessment and damage reporting, will use the earthquake as a metaphor to draw attention to the tension of uncertainty, along past-tremors that narrate different losses. How does an earthquake change the way theatre works? Can the space be safe again after such a turn? From a theoretical point of view, what can a theatre in ruins mean? What is the impact on the theatre workers, performers and dancers concerned?

The main station of the research was the HELLERAU- European Centre for the Arts in March, whose working progress was presented at the Nebenan/Mellettünk Independent art from Hungary Festival with the collaboration of the Workshop Foundation. It premiered at the A4– Associations for Contemporary Culture in April this year, with the support of the Visegrad Fund.

Concept, performed by: Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó

Dramaturgy: Ádám Czirák

Special thanks: Zsuzsa Berecz

Photo: Amélie Oret